Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cozying Up (and Tidying Up) the Schoolroom

We had a fun weekend out of town....staying at my best friend's new house in the woods (which is beautiful, perfect for her, and even has a cool secret attic that is accessible from a staircase in the guest bedroom!), front-porch sitting, pumpkin-carving, evening church on All Saints' Day, a lot of coffee-drinking, hours of children playing nonstop, a lot of tea drinking, and hand-sewing, too!

Now my mind turns to November.  I decided that this week we are taking fall break and I'm going to reboot.  We've done 8 weeks of school and I feel the need to do some nesting. We'll take the pause that (hopefully) refreshes, and then have another 6 weeks of lessons before we stop for Christmas.

Last week was all about catching up on sewing, and this week my plan is to attack the books-to Kondo them, if you will.  I also hope to rearrange the schoolroom and cozy it up a little more.  I love our schoolroom, but it can feel a little chilly in the winter months. I'm still thinking of ways to make it feel cozier and warmer as winter progresses, because we do ALL of our schoolwork there this year (in past years we did our schoolwork in our dining/living room, and the schoolroom was mostly a repository for books and supplies).  I will probably go hunting for a lamp or two, pull out a wool blanket, and hang curtains.....

but not until those books are done!

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