Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Marie Kondo Wrecked My Life

No, I'm sure she hasn't.  It just feels like she has!  This was my "during" photo yesterday.  Today it's even worse.  (Ironically the 'before' photo is much nicer....since all the books were on the shelves.)  Not pictured?  The tent pitched in the adjacent room, the papers and projects my children have pulled out to amuse themselves while I work, the precarious stacks of books on the floor....and the chocolate I'm hiding behind the essays....oh dear. 

The good news is that the pile of books to donate is growing, and the "sparking joy" analysis is working pretty well.  Some books I must keep because they are simply instructive (my husband would not appreciate it if I got rid of the Honda Pilot repair book, for instance, although it sparks no joy in my heart).  I am almost done with the adult books, and am about to start the children's collection, which is even more daunting to me!

I'm also totally re-organizing: I formerly had 16 shelves for adult books and 8 for children's (plus a few other bookshelves around the house).  Now I'm going to mix the two together.  I think?

I keep reminding myself that the end result will be worth it...... 

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  1. It will be worth it Polly. I'm not there yet but, after thirty plus years of book buying, I'm downsizing. About a thousand books went to Lifeline this year, now my shelves (and mind) can breathe.