Monday, January 18, 2016

Best App Ever: Evernote

It's hard for me to believe that I know what the word "app" is since I'm technologically challenged. But I do know! And my husband gave me a new cell phone for Christmas-nothing fancy, but it has a large enough memory (I have no idea what MB and GB and all that means) for a few apps other than Instagram--the only one I used on my last phone. I'm not a games person and I just want apps that I find useful in some way--it's my practical streak.

Evernote!  How did I live without you?  I love this app!  I have created various notebooks and notes.  It's easy to organize, and I love that I can easily insert web links and pictures.  Pinterest overwhelms me to the point of being nearly unusable; Evernote is a way for me to keep something (an image or website) organized without so much visual busy-ness. I can organize school-related resources (or domestic-related topics, lists, to-dos, or volunteer work, or poems to write or revise or send away) with its streamlined, intuitive interface. 

So now I have all the apps I will ever need: Instagram for photo sharing and Evernote for life organizing.  My smartphone is complete.  

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