Tuesday, January 19, 2016

In the Mail

Mr. Polly informed me that we still have a fair amount of cash in our flexible spending account (we had a healthy year in 2015!).  Oh goody, I thought--new glasses!

I love Warby Parker's policy of giving a pair of frames to someone in need for every pair of frames purchased, and their "try five frames for free" policy is generous and exciting.  The glasses I currently own are plum-colored plastic frames (cute, but old, and hard to adjust to fit my face--they slide around a lot) and a pair of conservative, smart wire-rimmed olive-hued Coach glasses.  I think it's time for something fun.

So these babies are going to arrive any day now!  I picked two reds two blues and one that is a sort of pink tortoiseshell, because why not? 

I do not think the ginormous red "Preston" frames will suit me at all, but I couldn't resist. 

We'll see! (Literally!) 

1 comment:

  1. Very nice, Polly! I think I would've selected Petal Tortoise for the name alone. ;-)