Friday, January 8, 2016

On Organizing a Charlotte Mason-Inspired School Day

I have a few criteria for organizing my grammar-level school day.  First, we need to be done by noon.  No one wants to do school after lunch; the afternoons are for lessons, free play, chores, kitchen work, etc. Second, I want to keep the schedule simple.  Because I generally (not comprehensively) adhere to the Charlotte Mason educational philosophy, at least at this age, we do cover a lot of books!  But I don't want it to feel complex.  

The way I've settled upon that works best for us right now is to have two segments of school: morning time and table time. 

During morning time the three of us gather together and read some religious readings, Shakespeare, biographies on composers, history, history tales, historical biographies, recitation, science, picture studies, poetry and literature. (I don't cover all those topics every day, of course!)  We are usually done within an hour or so.

Then the children get a break.  I switch out the laundry, make phone calls, get another cup of coffee, tidy something...about 15-20 minutes.

After the break we do table time: spelling, math drill, math lessons, copywork/handwriting, and Finn's online work (vocabulary, writing skills, sometimes extra literature/comprehension work).  During this time I work with Annie on phonics and math....or not.  She's four, so anything goes. 

Then it's lunchtime and we are all liberated from school!  

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