Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Sorting the Alabama Chanin Scraps

Back during my trip to Alabama Chanin last year, I bought a 'bundle' of neutral scraps...for $10.  The bundle was hefty, too!  It has lived for the past 11 months in my fabric chest, winking at me every time I paw through the jersey section.  Today I decided to get it out and sort by color, and used my handy AC color card for reference.

Now I have tidy piles of doeskin, parchment, natural, tea (I love this one!), taupe, dove, and sand (plus a couple of others)--all labeled and ready to be transformed.

In other news, I found 100% cotton jersey at my local big-box fabric store yesterday! That never happens....they always have plenty of slimy polyester-blend jersey.  Anyhow, I bought several yards each of a pale grey and a light blue. The grey has asked to be made into a winter dress later this month, and I said yes. 

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