Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Annie Gets Cake

This pretty baby, sitting in a galvanized bucket and wearing her grandmother's sweet vintage dress, turns five on Saturday.  How did we get to five so fast?

For her birthday dinner she requested black bean soup, so during Finn's art lesson in the city we ran over to our beloved Cuban restaurant to put in our order.  Ms. Zelia, the owner, always greets us with warm enthusiasm and today she asked "where's brother?!"  When we told her that Annie wants black bean soup for her birthday, she instructed me to bring in a big crockpot at 11 am sharp on Saturday and she will fill it up for us.  I love her!

Then she told Annie to pick her favorite cake from the always-luscious display case, and she gave it to Annie as a birthday gift.  Annie ate it with great gusto back at the art studio, under an enormous portrait of Andy Warhol. 


  1. Love it! Ms Zelia sounds a delight.

  2. Such a sweet vignette! A joy to read.