Wednesday, February 10, 2016

A Cold Ash Wednesday

Lent arrived so quickly this year, and I was so ready for it.  My spiritual thirst is great right now, and I am ready for the narrowing of focus that Lent can bring. 

The children and I made hot cross buns--which they can eat for breakfast tomorrow!  

And after supper my sister and I drove in the swirly, magical snow to an ecumenical Ash Wednesday service at the Catholic church down the road.  

The dear pastor with whom I sang the night my grandmother died applied the ash to my forehead. I had no idea she would be administering ashes....what a blessing. 

The song that was sung in the middle of the service--a Prayer of St. Francis--was the same prayer printed on the back of my grandmother's funeral program, which I now keep posted by my kitchen sink.  

These little coincidences probably wouldn't mean much to someone else.  But I believe they are little graces to me, and I keep my eyes and heart open for them. 

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  1. I look for such "coincidences" too Polly. Lovely.