Thursday, February 11, 2016

Little Bits of Bathroom

Pretty: my bathroom.  We have been slowly renovating this bathroom for a long time, doing all the work ourselves (except cabinet-building and toilet-setting).  We're on the penultimate stretch, I think.  I love my bathroom because it is most reflective of what I like best: white, thrifted, glass, shiny. 

Everything here makes me happy: footed compote dishes of special soap, my little elephant who holds clips, the nail brush. 

  My favorite bubble bath + my bamboo toothbrush + my bathroom cleaner + wedding party favor mint julep cup that yes, needs to be polished.  I will get to it!

The glass sprayer is full of homemade cleaner, but I love the way it looks (and smells) so much that I cannot stand to put it away.  It's real glass, and filled with a water-vinegar-lemon essential oil mixture. 

Funny: wood floors in the bathroom generally elicit horror, but I love them. 

Real: remember how I said I'm on the penultimate stretch?  Behold, the shower. Caulk gun + rags + bits of leftover trim + who-knows-what-else...not pretty, happy, or funny, but very real. 

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