Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Flooded Fields

We got a healthy snow this weekend and today it is melting quickly--so quickly that the fields are flooding.  I have never seen so much standing water in the pasture behind us.  This morning when I went out on the front porch, I heard pouring rain, but the sky was blue! It was the sound of the ice and snow melting off of the woods across the lane. 

(Behold the watery low points....and the southern side of the pasture is far more flooded.)

Farm life continues no matter the weather.  This morning I had to call my uncle to alert him to a dead calf in the field.  For some reason, the herd has seemed to suffer more newborn deaths in the past year than I can remember.  I don't do the farming, so I don't know the cause, but I hope my cousin and uncle are able to figure it out.  It is a sad sight to see a helpless cow standing over her lifeless calf while the buzzards start to circle. 

As for the humans, we also continue: forging through head colds, reading about ancient Greece, memorizing poetry, tackling math (who knew that I would love teaching math?!), making potato soup, staying home. My husband and I had the rare experience, for us, of watching a movie together last night.  We watched "Trash" which is set in Brazil and features three teenage boys who live in the dump and sewer and who find themselves caught in the midst of a conflict involving corrupt police and politicians.  The film was visually stunning and often painful to watch, but I did love the fabulous soundtrack. And the relationship between the three boys was golden. 

And that is what is happening in mid-February in our snowy, slushy valley.

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  1. How interesting to hear about your winter Polly.

    I'm not good with hard to watch films but they do me good so thanks for the recommendation. Have you seen the Best Marigold Hotel and it's sequel? Brilliant! Judi Dench is in that, she's also in Esiotrot which you and Finn would adore.