Friday, June 3, 2016


Last weekend my husband suggested that he and the children camp out in our tent in the backyard.  He and Finn had been camping before, but this was Annie's first "night-in-a-tent" experience.  When I left them outside after dark, they were eating junky food, playing Skip-Bo, and had a pile of books to read around the lantern together.  I went inside and sewed, and could hear their giggles.  

The next morning I crept to the back door and opened it, and could see movement within the tent. Then I heard Finn say to Annie "I WILL CHASE YOU AROUND DADDY!"  Sure enough, poor Mr. Polly was just trying to get a little more rest, and the children were chasing each other (via crawling, not running) around him.   

They had so much fun! And so did I: almost finished with Annie's dress *and* with my latest C.S. Lewis book.  We were all happy campers.

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