Friday, June 3, 2016

The Inaugural Pool Trip

Yesterday was our first day at the pool.  We got breakfast and chores out of the way quickly and were settled down at the table doing school by 9:15.....a veritable record. (Usually we start between 9:30-10:00.) Motivation!

(Yes, those are daylilies....not typically a flower I put inside. But Annie decided to pick some to place on the table for dinner Wednesday night. It's fun to watch them open and close!)

Within an hour all seatwork was finished and we hustled out for the reward of a day at the pool. 

And now I'm thinking of new, creative foods to take to the pool, because my children eat and eat and eat when we're there.  Every rest break  = food.  I think they're just burning so many calories that they need a constant stream of nutrition, because these are children who rarely ever snack!  Yesterday I felt confident that I'd over-packed--I took turkey, cheese, nectarines, bananas, strawberries, cashews, pistachios, whole wheat crackers, a few homemade oatmeal cookies someone brought us the day before, and Larabars, and it was all gone, destroyed, by the time we left. (And I didn't eat anything but the fruit, because I packed my own salad.) 

Help!! They're like a plague of locusts!!

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  1. Yes! Swimming=famished people! When Caiden gets home from water polo practice at 9 pm, he heads straight for the fridge. I'm running out of food to feed my swimmers! But it's a great tradeoff, because then they're exhausted and quiet ;)