Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Finn and the Ships

Back in April I began a "redo" of Finn's room, which was still sage green from his baby days.  He and I labored over the wall color (I love the end result).  I bought a fabulous desk for him on Craigslist and a chair from the thrift store.  I found a bedside table (that is pretty much falling apart, but made of solid wood! it will get a makeover soon) at a local antiques shop. I snagged a wonderful mid-century dresser on Craigslist, and fell in love with a 1940's bookcase (pictured below) at the antiques mall. So we kind of have a mid-century vibe going now. 

All my furniture comes to me this way: hand-me-down, castoff, secondhand.  I kind of love it.

Last month at my great-aunt's estate sale Finn and I were digging around in the basement and found a bunch of framed prints of 1940s ships.  Given Finn's intense interest in the White Star Line (World War 1-era ships), I thought he might like to have one.  I told him to run upstairs and ask the lady running the sale how much a print would be.  He returned with the answer: $2.  

Two dollars?! I told him to get as many as he wanted.  He thought this was an extreme indulgence and asked are you sure? more than once.  For $2 each, YES! I was sure! 

He took all but one--he left one there because he didn't like the artistry.  Typical Finn.  

On the back of each print there are handwritten notes on when each ship was sold, along with typed notes on the history of the ship.  I know these were part of the collection of my great-uncle, and I love that Finn has this little treasure of his own now. 

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