Friday, September 30, 2016

White Denim + A Sharpie + Marimekko's Siirtolapuutarha = A Pillow

My love of Marimekko designs goes way back to 2006, when my husband and I spent a few weeks in Finland. I had never heard of the quirky Finnish company's designs back then, but was immediately enchanted by their cheery graphics and pops of color--and the fabulous storefront.  Ever since then I've kept one eye on Marimekko's fabrics. 

This year I became enamored by the Siirtolapuutarha design. I decided it was perfect for Finn's room and tried to rationalize having new window valances made for him with it--but that $53/yard price tag stings. (Plus, Finn insisted that his current valances are perfect.  Okay!) Then I thought about buying some to make a pillow.  But still: $53 for a pillow?  For a boy's room? 

I have many yards of white denim fabric.  And I own Sharpies.  So one day, gripped by inspiration, I just went at it. 

And golly, it was super fun. 

I don't mind the imperfections a bit; in fact, I kind of love them because they make it mine. 

Now I shall back it with some leftover black fabric with a white dot (and a strip of red, because I need to piece the back, and the red will look cool), stuff it with a pillow form from our old fancy living room pillows (Pottery Barn silk, now threadbare), and call it done.


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