Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Applesauce Day

Yesterday I bought a bushel of "seconds" apples at our local orchard.  

That was 167 apples, if you're wondering.  Finn and I counted them as we washed them this morning.....

And my dear neighbor Naomi and I spent all day making applesauce.  She graciously offered her kitchen and her equipment for this (and fed us lunch!).  I'd never made applesauce before, and it was valuable to have a guide.  

*7 quarts canned applesauce
*5 quarts fresh applesauce (to be made into apple butter) 
*19 one-cup portions of applesauce, frozen
*3 two-cup portions, frozen

Our total yield was just over 18 quarts.

One of my children doesn't like applesauce.  This will last us all winter for sure! 

 Finn and I plan to make apple butter within the next few days and sell it as a fundraiser--he has decided he wants to raise $1,000 to donate to helping build a medical clinic in a developing nation.  The apple butter is our first step, and we're brainstorming additional ideas. For past fundraisers we've sold his artwork on notecards and sold Christmas tins of gluten-free goodies, and we'll probably do both this year.

Now it's time for a hot bath and bed.....applesauce day was exhausting!

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  1. I enjoy & miss making applesauce. When we lived in NC I used to buy a big box of seconds nearly every week in apple season that we would eat fresh and make into sauce (a family of 8!)