Friday, October 21, 2016

A Perfect Day

Last Saturday was a perfect day.....

my husband won the 5K race has has been diligently training to win (strict, strict training for over 9 months, with many many hours of running commitment on his end and cooking commitment on mine!)......

I had a fabulous post-race nap (all the emotional energy of the race exhausted me! I was a nervous wreck while he was racing).....

and we had our annual bonfire/hayride/cookout with our church.

A beautiful full moon rose in the east as the bluegrass band played and the bonfire crackled.  

I went to sleep feeling so happy, and woke in the darkness of very, very early morning to the sound of a Great Horned Owl--my favorite.  

Perfectly perfect in every way.  Congratulations, Mr. Polly!

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