Thursday, February 23, 2017

Breaks and Treats

Today I'm in flip-flops and short sleeves. In the mountains, in February.  What?

My house needed some attention, we need to take a big trip to the library and post office in town, and the weather is downright balmy, so what do you do in that case?  Call off the schoolwork! 

The only "school" we are doing today are math facts flash cards and piano practice. Of course, Finn read Life of Fred in his pajamas this morning for nearly two hours--just because that's what he wanted to do. And I'm sure after the library trip, he'll spend a couple of hours with whatever books he finds. In the in-between time, the children are getting their vitamin D.  (And Finn decided to advertise to teach a math class. Annie took him up on it.  He's teaching Annie basic math.  I just heard him say "we probably won't do subtraction problems until you're 7.  Well, maybe we'll do some.  Uh, well, we'll just see how you do."  Ha! Works for me! :))

I am doing lots of laundry, some tidying, and drinking tea.

This is the pause that refreshes.  I don't keep a hectic pace with my life, but we do have obligations and responsibilities to fulfill.  We do have places to go and things to do.  And sometimes we just need to relax and enjoy a free day.  (I know Sunday is the day of rest, but a mother with children's not totally restful!) I'm glad to have a day to catch up on mailing stuff, managing the voluminous library check-outs, running to the bank, cleaning my bathroom, and so on.

Tomorrow looks similarly relaxed, as my husband is taking the day off to work on the chicken coop, and if he's off, we don't do school.  Instead the children will have another free day, and I will organize the basement...I hope!!!  And tomorrow night my husband and I plan to go to the hip new Italian restaurant in the city for our belated Valentine's celebration.  

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  1. We take a lot of breaks, too. I figure that the kids are readers, and they have been playing outside on any days that are sunny, and they all make their own breakfast and lunch, so that counts as reading/history, P.E., and math/science, right? ;) Either way, sometimes I just need a "teacher inservice" time to get my house back together, and the break days/weeks help me keep homeschooling in the long run. I hope yours were everything you needed! :)