Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Waning Season

Lent is a big deal to us each year.  My husband and I always give stuff up, and I also tend to add stuff in.  This year I decided to step back from a few things, and the Internet is one of them.  My interest in things like Facebook and Instagram (I don't know anything about Twitter!) waxes and wanes, but I like life best when my interest is low.  I'm going through a busy season in life generally, and a pretty intense season of introspection.  Most days I read the Bible for half an hour to an hour, but without the distraction of the Internet, I'm hoping my Bible study time will be more like two hours most days (certainly much less on some days, too--just because of the demands of life). I like to read and drink coffee for about an hour in the morning before I exercise, and am hoping to do more reading in the evenings during Lent. 

There's a lot for me to do right now.  I'm still focused on my 2017 goals, and I'm also teaching Shakespeare and Plutarch to high schoolers in my little Charlotte Mason co-op.  I love this so much!  The students are so insightful.  I am suspicious that they understand Plutarch better than I do.  We're studying The Winter's Tale this spring and I'm truly enjoying it so far.  I also have a conference to attend with my best friend, a boys' camping trip to prep for (eek! it's going to be COLD!), lots and lots and lots of vegan and gluten-free food to cook, furniture to paint, and the passing desire to sew something....but I'm not sure if I will truly have time before gardening season slams into me!

And introspection: I'm a ponderer by nature anyhow, but this season seems to be particularly deep for me.  Is it because my children are older?  Because my chores seem easier?  Because I get up earlier?  Yes, probably, to all three. That has been important for me to recognize and honor. 

I love this last quiet stretch of winter before the glory of Easter is upon us!

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