Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A New Chair

My quick pop into the thrift store over the weekend yielded a book for my sister, a twin sheet and a curtain (both to be made into articles of clothing for Annie), and the golden egg: this gorgeous chair upholstered in blue silk, in my favorite shade, in good condition....for $25.  Mmm, those upholstery tacks! Those creamy legs!

In this photo she's showing off in the living room, but she's now in her permanent home by my bedroom window. And I'm happy because I've been pondering our bedroom makeover, now that we can probably take the crib down (yes, it's still up), and now I see the direction we're going....understated glamour.

It strikes me that last year I planned a whole room around a white vinyl chair from the thrift store.  I guess I have a thing for chairs!

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