Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Substitute Nightstand

Today I moved the behemoth nightstand out of Finn's room so that I could begin the process of beautification, and in its stead (he must have a nightstand for his lamp!) I put a little three-legged table that usually sits in the kitchen. 

I love how airy and light this is!  I tried to convince Finn that perhaps this could be his new nighstand, but he rightly pointed out that it doesn't have nearly the storage space he needs.  For the lamp, plus the Harry Potter book and the flashlight and the toy snake and the.....well, you get the picture.

Today I lugged the behemoth into the living room, washed it down, and removed its doors and hinges and pulls.  Tomorrow my husband will move it outside and I will sand it before putting on the first coat of primer.

Also in today's news: I set out the Easter decorations, sewed a dozen more square pairs for Annie's quilt, made vegetable masala (yum!), finally--after over a year--fixed my Nikon camera (MYSELF!) and figured out how to package it to send it to Nikon for a spa day (cleaning), and managed lots of laundry. The reward: a hot bath and a flannel nightgown.

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  1. I just did the same for Sarah Grace's bedroom--her bookcase went into the closet, and I replaced it with a little spindly side table for her nightstand. Since she's not yet into reading novels, she didn't refuse it. ;)