Saturday, March 18, 2017

Thunder and Rainbow

Today I woke feeling tremendous, outstanding, amazing!  I had slept solidly and felt like I could tackle the world.

So I tried.  I cleaned the living room, decluttered, cleaned the kids' bathroom, baked a lemon pound cake, washed laundry, hung laundry out on the line, brought laundry in....before heading down the lane to my aunt and uncle's house, where several sets of cousins had descended for the weekend.  We had a lovely time visiting!  And an exceedingly cold and windy tractor wagon ride around the field--thank goodness for the wool blankets stashed in my car.

At one point in the afternoon we had a majestic roar of rolling thunder from the north--glorious!  And as I approached the clothesline I saw a beautiful double rainbow arching the valley.  (I ran back inside to get my phone, but I snapped this just a few moments too late--you can see the rainbow, maybe, if you strain....)

Later in the day when I was with my cousins another rainbow appeared and ended right near the barn!  We called the children out to see it.  And we smiled, because rainbows have always reminded us of Grandma.  

She is always with us.

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