Friday, March 17, 2017

Airing Out the Sickroom

Today I was too exhausted to be of much use to society, but after a couple of good long rest periods, I did have the energy to air out and tidy the sickroom: that is, our bedroom.  The nightstand had acquired all sorts of clutter: thermometer, Kleenex box, kindle, water bottle, backup water bottle, earbuds....this photo features the kindle atop my "sick book*"......and a photo of us seventeen and a half years ago!

I opened windows, changed sheets, dusted, and tidied. Going to bed in a beautifully neat and clean room without all the trappings of illness feels so good. 

*The Sick Book is a spiral-bound notebook that resides in the bathroom closet next to the first aid supplies and medications. It is pulled out to record dates and details of fevers, symptoms, etc.  It's invaluable!

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  1. The Sick Book!!!! Never heard of this - tell me more! I mean, I keep a supper notebook, why would I not keep a sick book?!