Thursday, March 16, 2017


This week I have had the flu! I spent the first half of the week in a feverish haze. Now I'm just coughing and exhausted, so I think I'm entering the blessed recovery zone. This afternoon I felt well enough to *sit up in bed* and knit.

My husband has taken three solid days off of work to wrangle children and fix meals. I don't think he has ever missed this much work for anything other than out of town vacations or new babies!  Remind me next year to not leave the house during flu season.

I know recovery is happening now because my mental plans are revving far ahead of my physical abilities.  First I have to dig out from under the messes (four days without my organizational and tidying abilities, and without the children's chores = mountains of work). It must be the combination of spring on the horizon and realizing that I'm not going to stay in bed forever, but here's what's on my mental list for spring:

*frame a couple of paintings
*repair and chalk paint Finn's nightstand
*get into the flower beds!
*help Annie make a doll's quilt
*hang the big gold mirror
*poke around in my fabric and patterns, and sew something
*gather up all the goodies for Easter baskets
*learn to make a sponge roll in time for Easter
*draw plans for new deck and patio and hand them to our contractor
*take the children on a field trip to two
*get the upstairs piano tuned

I'd like to finish a couple of loose ends, too--

*finish reading the half a dozen books I started in winter
*finish the infinity scarf I'm knitting for my stepmother
*and seriously, clean out the mechanical room already (I had intended to do this in January)

First, though, my goal is to take a shower without getting so tired I need a nap.

Baby steps!

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  1. Oh, man. The flu is rough. I'm glad you're feeling better and hope you're up to speed soon!