Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Tuesday's Treats

Today was a pretty typical Tuesday, but was studded with little pleasures:

*Finding watercolor paper and canvases on big-time sale at the craft store 

*Treating my children to frozen yogurt

*Basking in warm, sunny weather

*Loving my new prescription sunglasses, the first pair I've ever owned and a total game-changer!

*Planning a doll's quilt with Annie during Finn's art lesson

*Ooohing and ahhing over darling little chicks at the hardware store

*Gazing upon Finn's new haircut (we buzzed it with clippers yesterday!)

*Enjoying Annie's tutu during her penultimate ballet class

*Coming home to a house that is fresh, tidy, and clean

*Finishing a pretty olive-green infinity scarf I knitted for Annie (it looks perfect with her complexion)

*Drinking San Pellegrino after bedtime, and not having to share it!

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