Saturday, April 8, 2017

A Birthday Party for Rebecca

Yesterday we threw a party for dear Rebecca.

Here she is in her purple party dress (purple is her favorite color, didn't you know?), with her newly-completed quilt.  Don't look too closely! But do look closely enough to see the little "R" that I embroidered in one of the squares.....

The diagonal stitching is not meant to be artistic.  That's what I did at first, then decided I didn't like it.  But I liked leaving it there--it looks cute! 

We used the purple plates, naturally.  And I'm really enjoying lavender bouquets these days. The children had cocoa, the adults had a big hot pot of PG tips.  

Not pictured, but so yummy: small wheat crackers, spread with cream cheese, a topped with a tiny dollop of fig spread.  

Annie and I made tiny chocolate cupcakes on Thursday afternoon. 

Our guests brought their dolls, and the dolls each had a tiny clay cupcake.  The larger clay cake was for them to split, apparently.  

The children played and the adults talked all afternoon, and then after our guests left I had a quiet hour of rearranging the books, silver, milk glass, and jadeite in my barrister's bookcase, and rearranging my jewelry box, while talking to one of my best friends on the phone. 

A happy afternoon, indeed. 

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