Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Austerity Measures

As my friend A. says, "austerity measures are now in place!"  

Our checkbook has suffered from leaky faucet syndrome lately and there's a water break in sight: a home renovation project that is *not* a do-it-yourself affair. 

As a result, I'm implementing austerity measures until, oh, sometime in October.  What's this look like?

*Keeping a strict eye on dining out and takeout.  We typically do this once a week; I'm shifting it to once a month or so, if my husband agrees. I also take my children out for lunch once every week or two, but I plan to shut that down. 

*No clothing purchases until autumn.  No fabric, either.  We're going to wear what we've got and sew through what we have.  In fact, I may try to just use up a LOT of fabric.  A lot. 

*No shoes unless a child outgrows them. Or unless my husband needs running shoes. 

*Instead of buying something, determine how I can live without it or substitute something else.  Like Grandma! (This can be fun.) 

*Use the library for books, naturally.

*While not strictly a measure to save money, I'm going to spend some time going through our belongings: do items need maintenance? (Shoe shining, mending...) Does anything need to just be thrown out?  Is there anything to give away or sell?  I do think having less stuff makes a more orderly home, and lately I've been feeling a little fuller than usual.  

*In general: only spend money on consumables. 

The faucet is officially off!


  1. what good ideas to come up with money

  2. Anytime our wallet suffers from leakage, I know it can all be blamed on Amazon and restaurants. Easy to identify, but so hard for me to stop! But yes, I'm right there with you this season. Austerity measures united! ;)