Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Spring Chickens

The Big News here is that on Monday evening we picked up our eight Buff Orpington pullets. This much-anticipated event came upon us rather suddenly; we were planning to get them over the coming weekend, but circumstances changed and my husband called Monday afternoon to tell me we had to get them *that day!*  So I loaded the children up in the car and we went to the feed store, where I puzzled my way through purchasing feed, pine chips, chick grit, and a waterer. 

But so worth it to have these cuties in the backyard!  They've been cooped up for two days as we get them used to their new home, but tomorrow they are going to be allowed to go into the run, where they will meet--through the fencing, for sure--the dog, the cat, and the many cows. 

I am completely smitten, can you tell?

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