Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Finishing Up the Crepe

Tonight I finished constructing my Crepe dress, but I have a few details to finish--slipstitching the bias binding on the sleeve, finishing the waist seam, and hemming.  

Oh yeah, and alterations!

I put the dress on and first marveled at how adorable  the fabric looked in a wrap design. Honestly, it's so sweet and feminine.  I love it as a housedress.

Then I marveled at how terrible the fit is in the bodice.  When I say "terrible" what I mean is "unwearable." 

This comes as no surprise, really (the only dress I have ever made that needed no alterations was the Alabama Chanin camisole dress....those princess seams in forgiving jersey are a short-waisted girl's best friend).  I fiddled around with the dress this evening and realized in the future I can probably make the bodice about *three inches* shorter.  But I'd like to be able to wear my wearable muslin, so Major Surgery is scheduled--probably for the weekend. 

Once that's done (the sooner the better), it'll be time to humor Annie. She wants a dress out the same fabric: floor-length, says she, and "for playing outside."  

In other news, our pullets finally decided to venture out into the run today--a whole 8 days after we got them!  I love seeing them outside.  Their feathers are the most beautiful buff-tinged-with-rust, and they frolicked and frisked in the sunshine most of the day, except during a brief period in the afternoon when they were all in the coop.  

Naptime, I guess!

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