Thursday, April 13, 2017

Trying Out the Crepes

A week or two ago I made crepes for the first time. I used a recipe my cousin sent, and filled the crepes with a melted cheese and turkey filling for lunch.  Both of my children politely declined seconds.  I made a mental note to try it with nutella next time.....

So, I've not yet perfected crepes.  Mine turned out beautifully, but I haven't nailed down the filling that will induce my children to eat them.  And I'm pretty sure they both said they didn't like the crepe itself anyhow.  Who doesn't like crepes?!

This week I'm on to a different type of crepe.  Although I've owned the pattern for a few years, I'm only now sewing the Colette Crepe dress. I decided to try to make a wearable muslin, so I cut the pattern out using some thrifted fabric I bought ages ago. 

So far I've finished the bodice and the waist ties, and I cut bias strips (I'm skipping the facings, too annoying).  The trickiest bit for me is always fit. I'm rarely able to wear a dress right off the rack...something to do with having one shoulder and hip 2" higher than the other, and a seriously protruding shoulder blade.  I'm also extremely short-waisted thanks to my scoliosis. I tried to fit the bodice to my duct tape dress form last night, but I almost think my dress form needs revamping.  She seems a little--squished.  So I tried the bodice on in front of the mirror, but it's a back-wrapping dress and seemed virtually impossible for me to tell how it will fit without, you know, the rest of it done.  I keep reminding myself that the goal of this dress is to have something light and cool to wear in the morning for housework and teaching.  That's it. I'm not wearing it to the opera!

If the fussy Crepe doesn't work out, I've already got my consolation prize all lined up: another Alabama Chanin camisole dress.  It's comforting and familiar and cozy--basically the macaroni and cheese of my sewing world. 

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