Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thrifting Triumphs

Today Finn's piano lesson was cancelled and so we had an extra hour in our afternoon.  Since we were already in the city for art lesson, I decided to pop into the "city" thrift stores, which we usually don't have the time to visit. 

Whew!  The first store was having a 50% off everything sale, so I got:

*three footed milk glass vases (one of them is huge)
*a dead stock zipper
*beautiful, delicate cafe curtains in pristine condition--perfect for Annie's room
*a linen embroidered with Annie's initial; I plan to use it to back a pillow for her
*a vintage-y tablecloth of large grey and white checks, peppered with large red dogwood blossoms 
*2 books for Finn
*a porcelain doll for Annie
*tissue paper bells
*four adorable, tiny felt Christmas ornaments, all carefully embellished, and sewn with the most perfect little blanket-stitch edges
*an un-sewn crewelwork kit to make a rose--why this appeals to me, I don't know, but for .70, I wasn't going to fight the urge
*a big Christmas tin (for the fruitcakes--I always seem to need one or two!)
*a Royal Victoria bone china teacup
*an Edith Schaeffer book (Common Sense Christian Living)

....for $15!

We got kicked out just as they were closing, and just as I was introducing myself to the huge bin of bias binding (less than .20 a pack!). I'm going back tomorrow.

We drove a couple miles down the road to the other thrift store, where all the shelves are neatly organized by color and the displays are tidy and clean.  I love that! I bought 7 yards of fabric and a chocolate plate for $9.  More on the chocolate plate another day. 

More treats to come, as my mother-in-law generously offered to keep my children tomorrow afternoon so I can run errands.  Fabric store, thrift shops, antique mall: here I come.  

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