Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Evenings in Spring

Our new evening routine goes like this: finish dinner and related tasks, then go outside to visit the chickens.  Spend a while in the run discussing their names, personalities, quirks.  Feed them.  Water them.  Love on them. 

And then they love on us.  Penny and Daisy perched on me last evening. I haven't decided if this means they love me or they hate me.  It's very funny, though!

(Annie took these photos.  You can see Penny up there--and if you were here, you could hear her too since she's a nonstop talker.  But Daisy was also back there--just lower, I guess!)

Then Finn rides his bike like a wild man up and down the driveway and Annie and I water the flowers together in the last light.  I pull stray weeds and we check on progress: are the bleeding hearts coming up?  A day lily bloomed!  Oh, look at the last peonies......

Then Finn puts the chickens to bed and we wash up and they enjoy ice cream on the front porch while watching fireflies light the yard.  

This may be the most satisfying spring of my life so far. 

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