Thursday, June 1, 2017

Annie Throws a Party

Yesterday Finn wrapped up his state-required standardized testing (a homeschool obligation we must fulfill).  While he was working his way through the language usage section, Annie was on a chair getting into the kitchen cupboards.  Then mysteriously taking things to her room.  Then she was quiet in there for a while. Once he finished that last section of the test, Annie informed him that she had a party planned for him in her room.

She had set out snack plates and filled tiny cups with water.  She had also set out a stack of clothes on her bed--well-organized, with one for each of us....labeled. (Did I mention she's very much her mother's daughter?)  We were all to change into these assigned clothes and return for the party. I wore my purple dress, a scarf, and lots of dress-up jewelry. 

After the food she and Finn worked a puzzle while I read a book to them.  Then we went outside to play kickball. 

She's so thoughtful! 

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  1. So sweet! This reminds me a little of Fancy Nancy :)