Saturday, June 3, 2017

Wrapping Up & Untying

While the rest of my family appears to be scurrying all over creation (in-laws just got back from three weeks in Peru and Ecuador; my father is currently living the high life in Belize; my sister-in-law and her family are adventuring in Costa Rica), I've been wrapping things up here at home--and untying a few new projects for the summer.

*Tonight we finished our co-op with a family gathering: reviewing the things we did this year, enjoying a few recitations, presenting some Shakespeare, and socializing over potluck. I was in charge by default and whew, I'm glad that's done.  Emceeing is not my natural talent. 

*Finn finished his standardized testing and the test is en route back to the grading center. This generally signals a downshift in schooling for summertime. Ahh!

*I'd like to say I'm wrapping up the mulching.  In reality, I'm about halfway through. But there's less to do this year than most because we're ripping out the huge (now-weedy, because I've transplanted most of the plants that were there) bed in the back to make room for a larger patio.

*This week we talk to our contractor about that deck and patio demolition and reconstruction: a new project for summer.

*Wrapping up a dress for Annie, about to hatch a new one for me.

*And best of all,  Wednesday we celebrate wrapping up a whole decade of Finn's life.  And untying the next.

Tomorrow's agenda is simple and relaxed: church + puttering + maybe pool + dinner out + special houseguests.  I'm ready to enjoy that Sabbath rest.

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  1. Wrapping up is my second-favorite, following closely after starting something new. :) And I can't believe Finn is nearly 10!! Whoa!