Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Camp Whatchamacallit

So my bestie Allison and I have hatched a plan! She was visiting yesterday--she lives out of the state--and she latched onto a passing comment I'd texted to her a few days ago about having our own "camp" here on our farm.  She loved this idea and as we talked about it, we realized it's completely feasible. 

So we're working on dates for our yet-unnamed camp (aka, Camp Whatchamacallit), which will include her son (age 7), Finn (10), and Annie (6).  

Our brainstorm list takes up nearly a whole page in my planner already.  We'll have homemade camp t-shirts, crafts, a nature hike with a botany and butterfly and bird expert (my father-in-law!), fossil-hunting with a mountain man (my brother-in-law!), pool time, kayaking on the lake, archery, BB gun, morning and evening devotions, a camp Bible verse to memorize, a service project, camp songs, a hymn to memorize, S'mores......what wonderful memories we will make!

Now we have to actually organize and pull it off.  Planning together will be interesting, since I'm very much a linear thinker and Allison is more creatively circuitous.  We'll play to each other's strengths, I think!

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  1. I think that is a great idea! I have a friend who used to do "Camp Mom" when her kids were younger, and it was enjoyed by her brood and her.