Friday, June 9, 2017

The Evening Song

This evening I turned a mulching corner and suddenly the end was in sight.  Literally: I rounded a corner and can now see to the end of the last flower bed!  I'm not *there* yet, but I can see it. 

On free evenings I spend a couple hours in the flower beds, pulling up all the fussy little weeds like clover and wire grass, and then spreading fresh mulch. On the east side of the house I'm serenaded (every evening!) by a mockingbird who perches on a post and sings and sings and sings to me. This evening I noticed that when the mockingbird wasn't singing his heart out, a mourning dove to the east called, and another to the west answered. And then slowly the fireflies began blinking into the dusk.

Finally it was time to move the big red truck back to the driveway, and pack up the tools, and water the tomatoes, and tuck the chickens in, and call it a night. 


  1. Your evenings sound so peacefully productive. I miss those days, but I know that in a few short years, my busy little toddler will be older and more time will open up for other activities.

    1. Jenny, that's true! Enjoy those toddler days...they truly do pass by so quickly. When my children were toddlers I did almost *no* gardening!