Tuesday, June 13, 2017

A 1950's Nightgown for Annie

Sewing my way through my collection of size 6 vintage dresses from my grandmother, I started the process with something simple: a nightgown.  I used leftover fabric from my Crepe dress; Annie had requested a long dress for playing outside, but I decided to go with a nightgown instead. 

Unfortunately, I realized that the skirt pieces were missing from the pattern envelope!  So I just cut my own; the only tricky part was including an armhole curve at the top of the skirt pieces.  

I skipped the lace trim because I didn't feel like fussing with it, and because my fabric is already very busy.

So ideally there would be more fullness in the skirt, but I used the largest pieces I could cut, and gathered them into the yoke, and self-bound it all (including the waist seam! I enjoy making bias binding), and Annie truly loves it. She floats around the house in the morning like a real lady of leisure!

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