Friday, July 28, 2017

In the Sewing Room this Midsummer

A field report from the wilds of the sewing room:

*I'm almost done with my chicken apron.  (As in, straps are left.)  It is ankle-length.  It is back-wrapping. It is so fun.

*Last weekend Annie asked me to make a colonial mob cap for her, and I was happy to oblige.  She has also asked me to make one for her best friend!

*Annie and I are designing a dress for her based on something she saw in a catalog.  It's a princess dress.  We're going to make a regular sundress, but then create a Very Fancy Jacket to wear over the dress that transforms it into "princess."  I think I start on this tomorrow.

*I've started, but not quite finished, cutting out an Alabama Chanin stencil.

*Knitting a dishcloth--it's my portable project.

*In spare bits of time, I'm cutting out pieces for a quilt.

When I'm not in the sewing room (and I'm usually not, alas), I've been reading, writing (every morning, with coffee, before the children rise), swimming, helping with Vacation Bible School, and giving extra attention to the cats, the dog, and the roses.

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