Monday, July 31, 2017

A New Bookcase

I was thinking about how it would be nice to have another bookcase, and my neighbor called today.  "Do you want a bookcase? I'll send a photo."  As soon as I saw it I said YES!!  

She even brought it down the hill to me. 

This is the kicker: it's a duplicate of the bookcase I bought for Finn's room last year! I actually paid real money for that one; today's bookcase was free. But Finn's bookcase was in better condition.

This one needs a fresh coat of paint; otherwise, it's fine. I was sorry that someone had cut holes in the back, but what can you do?! Here it is, in a temporary spot in front of another small bookcase.....

Experience has taught me that these bookcases hold a lot of books.  Although I'd love to put it in Annie's room, we can't reconfigure her space, so I think it'll live in our schoolroom for now.  That's where it is most needed anyhow!  I am hoping I'll have enough self-discipline to get that fresh coat of paint ASAP, because the urge to go ahead and put books on it is so strong.  Something about an empty bookcase just begs for reloading.

(Also, Alice approves.)

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