Sunday, March 29, 2015

Alabama Chanin + Downton Abbey = Circle-Spiral Applique Skirt

This skirt was my first foray into the circle-spiral applique I have seen in Natalie Chanin's books. I used a cheap and slinky (I don't recommend it!!) jersey from the big-box fabric store and cut up a random assortment of old tee shirts for my spirals, because this was a sort of 'wearable muslin'-ish experiment. 

I hand-sewed the skirt up first and then appliqued the spirals with matching embroidery thread.  Each spiral took one episode of "Downton Abbey," in case you were wondering. 

I loved it this winter with tights, a turtleneck, down vest and my warm red Hunter boots--so comfortable and warm!  I took this photo of my lap one snowy day this winter as I sat waiting for my son's piano lesson to finish.  

Displaying 0224151041.jpg

Next time I try this technique I am going to do something tonal, I think, and maybe on a dress.  Maybe for the next season of Downton!

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