Saturday, March 28, 2015

Home Again!

Home again from our week away. I packed so lightly: one suitcase for all three of us, my small sewing tote, a tote of books, a cooler for food.  I didn't even pack a camera; I relied exclusively on the capabilities of my phone.  I loved traveling light!

 Although solo parenting was exhausting for me, an affirmed introvert, there were plenty of delights along the way: birdwatching, quantities of tea, Allison's excellent citrus-currant scones, happy children, new playgrounds, blooming dogwood trees!

When I go on a trip I like to bring something back that I can use in my home...handmade soaps, a cross-stitching project, a candle.  On our two trips to Europe we brought back a framed print from the Cotswolds and a group of beautiful photographs from Helsinki, but usually my souvenirs are considerably more quotidian.  This time I brought back a pretty journal, a porcelain tea warmer and a tin of tea.

An enchanting Patrick Dougherty installation.

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Incredible mosaic tucked into a corner of small-town south. The mirror outlining makes it glimmer and shine.

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We had a lovely time, but it is also so good to be home and with my husband again!!

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