Monday, December 7, 2015

Late Autumn Birthday Dinner

My sister turns 33 in a few days so this past Saturday we celebrated. The menu tells me we are deep into the cold weather now, although it's still officially autumn, the evenings are dark and in the morning the deck is slick with frost. Winter is on his way!

*Mashed potatoes 
*Roasted brussels sprouts
*Butternut squash-kale gratin (because she didn't get any at Thanksgiving!)
*Flourless chocolate cake with whipped cream 
*Eggnog from the local creamery; if you are into eggnog (I'm not), this is the platinum version 

The entire menu was gluten-free to accommodate three-fifths of us.

We had an extraordinarily strenuous week--unusual for our household. The dust has now started to settle!

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