Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Finn's Spring Recital

Last night was Finn's spring recital.  We're done, hallelujah!  We played our duet first--Tchaikovsky's "Sleeping Beauty Waltz."  I actually improvised at the end, but I don't think anyone knew (my husband said "wow, you NAILED it").  I can't really read advanced music, so I was mostly working from memory, ear, and a few visual cues in the sheet music.  Mercifully, I survived. I joked that next year Finn can play the advanced duet part, and I'll play the simple student melody!

And then Finn played his original composition from our trip to Charleston--"Fairy Song" in three movements  That was special!

He has nerves of steel and played perfectly.  

I must say, I truly enjoyed this duet experience.  Last time we played a duet, I played music on his level because that was what was in his book; this time I had to practice diligently to unpack and memorize the piece.  It was fun.  Gosh, it was fun!  I have now decided to study some of my more advanced old sheet music books and choose one piece to learn over the summer. 

But for now, I'm just happy to be done with the recital.  Finn may have nerves of steel, but mine are composed more of little bitty butterfly wings.